Sunday, October 27, 2013

An angle for the NCGA to save us from ObamaCare?

The Daily Haymaker

The recently completed Nullify Now gathering in Raleigh caused some people to sit up and take notice.  The mainstream media, of course, has been mocking it for all it’s worth.  But many folks have seen the concept of nullification as a valid tactic for fighting federal government overreach. 

A movement is afoot in the country to compel state governments — in cases where it is believed that the federal government has overreached and exceeded its constitutional authority — to simply ignore decrees from Washington.   South Carolina has already been pushing the idea in resisting ObamaCare. 

Now, some grassroots leaders North Carolina are making overtures to Republicans in Raleigh to utilize the concept of nullification in blocking the implementation of ObamaCare in North Carolina.  Craven County Republicans got the ball rolling with this recent resolution:

A Resolution to the North Carolina General Assembly to Declare the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) Null and Void and Unenforceable in the State of North Carolina

Whereas; The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act bill originated in the US Senate.
Whereas; The United States Supreme Court Ruled the PPACA constitutional as a tax in the case of National Federation of Independent Business vs Sebelius.


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