Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mark Levin explains Obama’s “coup” on the Constitution

October 16, 2013

God help America when even the American Constitution cannot help prevent an ill-intentioned president from robbing it of its birthrights

While the mainstream media continues to hide the truth from Americans, what happened today in Washington, D.C. was a Congressional stand down during the brazen daylight robbery of America’s financial security.


The lying mainstream media and the talking heads will provide cover for the Barack Obama regime, hiding what happened in the White Noise that comes with all they report.

Knowing what was coming today, Mark Levin called the act giving Obama total control of the purse strings what it really is on his radio show last night. Levin called it what it is: “a coup”.

Levin explained in plain English how Obama holds the nation at ransom in order to seize the power of the purse from Congress.  What Obama did is a first, because it absolutely guts the Constitution

Other players throughout history who have pulled palace coups in democratic societies have been led away from the corridors of power in handcuffs, and worse.

CONTINUED:  Mark Levin explains Obama’s “coup” on the Constitution

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