Wednesday, October 23, 2013

#NCSEN: Thom Tillis’ biggest donor? Himself.


State House Speaker Thom Tillis has been tooting his own horn about his fundraising prowess.  ONE MILLION DOLLARS, his campaign web site trumpets. What he downplays is that about one-quarter of that came out of his own pockets.


His campaign finance documents show that Tillis loaned his Senate campaign $250,000.  Surely, the loan was made to help ol’ Thom get some PR bang out of the number ONE MILLION.  It’s awfully easy — when you are sitting in a powerful government position –  to shake people down for dollars to fund your political aspirations.


Big fundraising tallies don’t always translate into election victories.  Former Texas governor John Connolly ran for the GOP presidential nomination in 1980 and spent the most money ever for a losing candidate.  If big bank accounts clinched elections, Texas would have US Senator David Dewhurst instead of Ted Cruz.  Kentucky would be represented by US Senator Trey Grayson instead of Rand Paul. Cruz and Paul both ran against powerful incumbent state officials in their respective states who overwhelmingly out-fundraised them.

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