Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lost in healhcare.gov glitches:

Obama was looking for company with single-payer expertise

Was President Barack Obama aiming for a tech company well-versed in designing websites for a single-payer health system when he awarded the now glitch-riddled healthcare.gov contract to Canadian CGI?
Behind all the glitches, and at the heart of the utterly stalled healthcare.gov, that’s exactly what CGI is: the Canadian tech firm—Canada’s largest—that has provided to Canada’s single-payer health system.
Is that the dirty little secret hidden behind the public embarrassment that even after spending $93.7 million—a figure expected to double to correct—the Obama administration can’t get healthcare.gov up and running?

“CGI Federal Inc., a subsidiary based in Fairfax, Va., was awarded a US$93.7-million contract over two years ago to help design and develop the federal insurance exchange.”

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