Sunday, October 27, 2013

Craven GOP -Thom Tillis spat ends in Craven chairman’s resignation

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There has been quite a bit of internal drama with Craven County’s Republicans during the last year.  They've voted to censure state House speaker and US Senate candidate Thom Tillis for his efforts to meddle in area GOP primaries. Local party chairman Paul Hill — aided by state GOP officials — raised objections about this move.  Local party leaders ordered that a letter of censure be sent to Tillis and the state party.  Censure supporters on the ground in Craven County suggest that Hill balked at signing and mailing off the letter – a direct conflict with the instructions by the executive committee.

The perceived failure to comply with the censure vote — as well as other unrelated concerns about local party fundraising and operations management — led to some local party leaders bringing charges against Hill and moving for his removal from office.

Chairman Hill was allowed a hearing and afforded an opportunity to defend himself.  But this week, Hill chose to resign his post as chairman of the Craven County GOP.  By acclamation, longtime local activist Carl Mischka was voted in by the executive committee as Hill’s replacement.

A Craven GOP leader — who happens to be a friend of this site — tells me everyone is breathing a sigh of relief now that this is over:


This is the second error filled liberal hit piece written by the Sun Journal New Bern.  Wonder who invited reporter Sue Book to attend and who fed her misinformation.  Neither the "Tea Party" or Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association had anything to do with these events.  Like all RINOS and LIBERTARDS--blame anyone rather than acknowledge the facts, Paul Hill's incompetence and party hack antics!

Craven GOP ‘tea party’ wing asserts influence
A far right faction of Craven County Republican Party, many of whom say they are not in the “tea party,” now has the local GOP at least sipping tea.
Actions at a Thursday night executive party meeting at which Carl Mishka was elected chairman, concluded with a plea for unity but several longtime strong county GOP leaders say they see real division that probably doesn't have a quick fix.
At the meeting, Paul Hill resigned as chairman in letter read in his absence by GOP Vice Chairman Scott Dacey, who also serves as chairman of Craven County Board of Commissioners.
Immediately, executive committee precinct committee chairman Hal James, whose precinct organizational efforts filled all but a handful of executive committee seats with “tea party” conservatives, offered a single motion to accept the resignation and fill the vacant post with Mishka, a six-year New Bern Republican from Orange County, Calif.

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